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Roger O’ Shea M.Sec.I.I. set up Merc Consulting in 2011 following a successful business career of over 37 years during which he has set up and managed several businesses in the Security Industry. His detailed knowledge of setting up a business or new business division from start up, growing a business from €0 – €20 Million is unparalleled and he now provides advice on the following areas:

  • Sales and marketing to include responsibility for target delivery.

  • Expansion into new markets

  • Strategic business planning and Direction

  • Attracting outside investment and funding options

  • Improved R & D, design, innovation, production and logistics

  • Ensuring  HR practices are up to date with all legal requirements

  • Management succession

Merc Consulting now provides hands on consultancy - not just written advice; we get involved in assisting the Owner /Manager to determine the issues, detail out the solutions, implement the plan and take responsibility for delivery of same. This can include managing staff recruitment/redundancy, taking responsibility for sales budgets, assisting in bringing in long term solutions such that Merc become redundant and can then become available to tackle other key areas of the business.

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